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Australian Cadet Forces Service Medal

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Prior to 1975, adult officers and senior instructors of cadets in the various arms of the Australian cadet movement had been entitled to their own Imperial long service medal. The Imperial Cadet Forces Medal was established in 1950 and was awarded for 12 years service with either the Naval Reserve Sea Cadets, the Australian Army Cadet Corps or the Air Training Corps. At the time the Imperial system was abolished in 1975, the support for the cadet movement was also withdrawn. Notwithstanding this, the cadet movement survived and was eventually brought back under the sponsorship of the ADF. It was not until 1999, however, when a new medal was instituted to replace the Cadet Forces Medal. While the medal is not strictly a Defence long service award and is not available to ADF members, it is located with the long service awards given that the Australian Cadet Corps is actively sponsored by the ADF.

*Clasps / Bars for this medal must be ordered separately using the 'Clasps' product in each collection.

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