Clasps & Bars – Foxhole Medals
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Clasps & Bars-Foxhole Medals

Clasps & Bars

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Our full size and miniature replica AASM, ASM, NEM, GSM, HOSM, POSM, NATO, and NGSM automatically include one [1] clasp. 

If you need to include additional clasps for the above medals, or one or more medal bars for your National Medal, DLSM, DFSM, RFD, RFM or ACFSM, please name the clasp/medal bar you require in the space provided, choose the size of the medal it is to be added to, and then add it to the cart.  Repeat as required for each additional clasp/medal bar. 

** PLEASE NOTE that the new BUSHFIRES 19-20 clasp for the National Emergency Medal will not be sold separately.

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