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Colonial Aux Forces Off. Decoration

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The Colonial Auxiliary Forces Officers' Decoration was awarded for twenty years of efficient and capable service as an officer in one or more of the British Colonial Auxiliary Forces. Qualifying service could be had by serving in the colonial forces of more than one colony or protectorate, with service in the Militia and Volunteer Forces of the United Kingdom also eligible to be counted, so long as half of all qualifying service was rendered in the colonies or protectorates. Years of service in West Africa were counted as double, while service in the ranks was counted as half. In 1923, the Royal Warrant was amended to count war time service in World War I as double, so long as the service, on the active list, was outside of the dominion, colonies, dependencies, and protectorates. Recipients of the decoration were entitled to the post-nominal V.D.

The only version of this medal that is available is the GVI version.

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