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Is it legal to purchase replica medals?

Yes, it is legal to buy replica medals.

Generally, only one set of original medals is ever issued by the Governor General or Dept of Defence Honours & Awards. Because of this, it is common practice for recipients to put the original away safely and wear replicas so that they can be replaced if they are lost. This practice is endorsed and encouraged by the Dept of Defence Honours & Awards.

The onus of responsibility is on the wearer of the medals however not to wear any medals as their own (ie on the left hand side) that have not been awarded to them. Wearing fraudulent medals is an offence under The Defence Act 1903 and is reportable to the Australian Federal Police.

Replica medals also provide comfort and a tangible link for those who may not have received their family member's original medals - which quite often have been either bequested to another family member / lost / sold / burned / stolen / donated to various RSLs or the Australian War Memorial.

Replica medals allow every member of the family to honour and remember their family's sacrifice.

Why choose Foxhole Medals for your replicas and medal mounting?

At Foxhole Medals, we show our respect and gratitude for your family's sacrifice by constantly striving to provide the best quality replica medals on the market; as such, the majority of our medals are die-struck or injection-moulded rather than cast.


We use the original English supplier of medal ribbon – Toye Kenning & Spencer who hold the Royal Warrant from Her Majesty The Queen – wherever available, and the highest quality ribbon otherwise for all other medals.


Our backing boards for court-mounted medals are made of acrylic providing outstanding strength, stiffness and adhesive qualities rather than core flute / compressed foam / rubber / picture framing mat board and we don't need to hide the sewing skill of our production team: their dedication to perfection is on show with every set they mount, not covered with felt or velvet overlays.


All of our medals and mounting workmanship comes with a lifetime guarantee. 


We genuinely feel that our prices reflect excellent value for the quality service and products we provide, and it would be an honour to show our respect for your family's sacrifice by providing heirloom-quality medals and mounting of which you can be truly proud.

Is a ribbon bar included with my purchase of full size medals?

No, you will need to order your ribbon bar separately to your full size medals.


Keep in mind that your ribbon bar will need to be a maximum of 4 medals per row - if you have 6 medals, you would need a 2 medal ribbon bar on top and a 4 medal ribbon bar on the bottom row. Females and Navy personnel require a maximum of 3 medals per row.


We can arrange for each piece of your ribbon bar to be joined together at your request (or have plastic coating added if you work in Emergency Services).


You may find the most economical way to order your medals is to purchase one of our Collections which includes full size and miniature medals, ribbon bar, and protective case. Feel free to message us with your set and we can organise an order for a Collection for you.


Once you're set up with your initial set, you can then send your existing medals/ribbon bar with rosettes into us to be recycled on fresh ribbons/brooch bar with your new awards added in the correct order of wear.

I have existing replicas but I've just received a new award. Do I need to buy a new set of replicas?

You absolutely do not need to buy a brand new set of replicas - in fact you'll save yourself some money if you send your existing full size and miniature medals into us together with any pieces of ribbon bars with rosettes we can recycle for you.


We'll give your existing medals an ultrasonic clean and then remount them on fresh ribbons and brooch bar/stud pins for $30 per existing full size medal, and $25 for each existing miniature. We will then just add your new award/s (generally $55-65 each new full size and $40-50 each new miniature) in the correct order of wear so you end up with a set that looks brand new.


You also have the opportunity to have your full size medals engraved with your service number/PMKeyS, initials and surname with each remount.

Where do I send my existing medals?

If you're sending existing replica or original medals into us, our postal address is:


Foxhole Medals

PO Box 494


Please include a completed Postal Order Form - Download here.

We recommend our customers use Express Post for replica medals so that they are tracked and reach us as quickly as possible.


For original medals, we recommend using Platinum Post (which is both express and registered) if available at your local post office, but otherwise Registered Post at a minimum.


We use the commercial equivalent of Platinum Post (known as eParcel Express) to send replica and original medals back to you.

Should I choose swing-mount or court-mount for my medals?

There are generally four things to take into account when deciding the best mounting style for your medals:


  1. We can only swing-mount up to a maximum of 5 full-size medals so a full-size set of 6 more medals will need to be court-mounted. Miniature medals sets of any number can be mounted in either style.
  2. Swing-mounted medals will make the ‘tinky tink’ noise as they move against each other which can cause sensory issues for some people, and can also make the medals more prone to damage.
  3. If you choose to have your replica medals engraved with the recipient's service number, initials, and surname, the engraving will be easier to see on swing-mounted medals as you can clearly see the front and back of the medals with this style.
  4. Any medals likely to be worn by current-serving Defence members will need to be court-mounted in accordance with official dress standards (sewn down to a firm backing so they don't move).

Both styles still have a brooch bar on the back to enable them to be worn on clothing. If none of the above criteria are relevant to your order, you are free to go with personal preference.


Court-Mounted Medals - note the backing board behind the medals to which each medal is sewn to minimise noise and movement.


Swing Mounted Medals - note the unobstructed view of both the front and back of the medals


What size medals should I order?

There are two sizes of medals to choose from:


  • Small (known as Miniatures) and
  • Large (know as Full Size).


Small or Miniature Medals are traditionally worn only after 6pm when mess kit, formal / evening dress / dinner jacket attire is worn. There is also an increasing trend for replicas to be created in miniature sets for children to wear at ceremonies/marches.


Large or Full Size Medals are the size traditionally worn at ANZAC Day ceremonies. It is the size historical imperial medals (eg WW1, WW2, Korea, Vietnam, etc) were originally issued prior to the Australian Honours & Awards system being instituted in 1975. Since then, an original set has comprised a full size medal, miniature medal, and ribbon bar in a protective case.


Full Size Medals are also able to be engraved with the service person's service number, initials and surname as the originals would have been.

Can I have the full size replica medals engraved with my family member's details?

We have a state-of-the-art computer engraving machine that is perfect for engraving your full size replica medals. The addition of engraving creates a beautiful heirloom set with moving sentimentality (many of our engraving customers confess shedding tears) as well as a starting point for future generations for family research, or simply a medal set that can be easily be returned to you post-ANZAC Day shenanigans.


We tend to the follow the naming standard of the era of the medals.


For example, WW1 medals were traditionally engraved with the service number, rank, initials, surname, and unit of each service person:


61324 GNR. C. L. CARTER 14 BN. A.I.F.

19218 T/CPL. G. BYERS 30 BN. 2.N.Z.E.F.


WWII medals were, and continued to be engraved until 2002, with the service person's service number, initials, and surname:


61324 C. L. CARTER

19218 G. BYERS


Commencing in 2002, current original medals are now engraved with the service person's PMKeyS, initials and surname.

How do I find out what medals my ancestor had?

With expert knowledge and resources regarding medal eligibility and retrospectively awarded medals, we try our hardest to make sure the replica medals you're ordering for your family's service are correct.


If you can send us a message with:


  • your ancestor's full name
  • date and place of birth, and
  • service number (bonus points!),

we can start looking for you and see what we can find. And if we can't help, we'll definitely be able to point you in the right direction.


If you're keen to do it yourself, we recommend looking at the National Archives of Australia website to locate your Australian WW1 ancestor's service records - the page with medal stamps is usually located at the very end of the service records and is immensely helpful.


For WW2 Australian service people, we recommend locating them on the WW2 Nominal Roll and sending that certificate through to us to follow up. Their service records may or may not be available on the National Archives of Australia website but we can help with that.

How risky is sending original medals in the post?

In 18 years of business, we have not lost one set of original medals that have been sent into us or sent out from us. We repeat: Not one set lost. Ever. [Touch wood.]


For original medals, we recommend using Platinum Post (which is both express and registered) if available at your local post office, but otherwise Registered Post at a minimum. The absolute worst case scenario, if your parcel is registered, is the amount of time it may take for it to be delivered to us but generally all registered post parcels reach us within 10 business days.


And we use the commercial equivalent of Platinum Post - known as eParcel Express - to send your original medals back to you. AusPost will send you an email when they collect your parcel from us and you'll be able to watch your medals make their way back to you usually within 1-2 business days, or 4 business days for our NT customers.

I asked for my court-mounted replicas to be engraved but can't see it?

We promise there's a 99.9% likelihood that we did indeed do the engraving for you - it's knowing where to look that is the tricky bit 😊


We engrave our replicas in the traditional naming location of the original medals, therefore the majority of the round silver medals (British War Medal, Victory Medal, War Medal 39-45, Australia Service Medal 39-45 etc) tend to be engraved on the rim of the medal.


For those not familiar with court-mounting, you won't be able to see the engraving on the back of some medals (the Stars in particular) because each medal is sewn down to the medal ribbon in accordance with that mounting style, obscuring the view of the reverse of the medals.


It's not a problem for people who know what to expect with court-mounted medals but it can come as a shock to those who aren't and feel disappointed they can't see the engraving properly. 


All medals intended to be worn by current serving ADF members need to be court-mounted in accordance with the official dress standards.

How many sets of ancestor medals can I wear at a time?

When it comes to wearing relatives' medal sets, there is no right or wrong answer but honouring one ancestor at a time is widely considered to be the most respectful choice.


For example one of our customers, Greg, has chosen to honour his father's Vietnam service by wearing his medal set on the right hand side at this year's ANZAC Day ceremony, his maternal grandmother's WW2 medals at this year's Remembrance Day ceremony, and his great grandfather's WW1 medals at ANZAC Day the following year; he will continue alternating each ancestor's medal sets in this pattern.


There are a lot of people that choose to wear all of their ancestors' medals at the one time - there is nothing illegal about it; it is just that that practice is generally considered to be 'bragging' rather than honouring.

Foxhole Medals is based in Tasmania? Can I trust you guys actually know what you're doing?

Lol we get it. How can a little Tassie business be considered a major player in the replica military medal and mounting industry, right?


It might help to know the story of our director, Jimmy Grice, and how Foxhole came to be:


"I joined the Army Reserves as a skinny 16-year-old and very proud third-generation Defence member in my home town of Hobart then changed over to Pussers in 1994. When I received my first two medals in 1999 – the AASM with East Timor clasp and INTERFET - I became a loyal customer of Glendinnings (for those of you old enough to remember them) for my ribbon bars.


The initial spark of what would become Foxhole Medals was ignited in 2004 during my newest posting with the RAN in Nowra, New South Wales - with no local Glendinnings - as a Petty Officer Aircraft Technician Instructor. 


I was undoubtedly suffering with a bit of anxiety at the time and hence my perfectionism/borderline-OCD was in full flight; so, while the lovely lady at the local clothing store - hi Helga! - did an admirable job of my ribbon bars and medals, I decided to give them a go myself ‘just as a bit of a hobby’. Famous last words. 


As a now somewhat-polished Navy boy, I set out to make the best quality ribbon bars and medal set I possibly could with the best quality materials I could afford – Toye Kenning & Spencer ribbon, die struck replica medals - and I tweaked the court-mounting process and used acrylic backing board instead of flimsy, entirely non-weatherproof cardboard or buckram. I fell in love that night with the entire process: the slicing of quality colourfast ribbon in just the right length with razor-sharp scissor blades, a perfectly trimmed board providing the foundation for flawless tape application, the almost meditative repetition of perfect stitching – a thousand tiny steps that all need to be done faultlessly and with quality materials to create an end result of perfection. Just like fixing one of my beloved Seahawks, but in miniature form.


And that was it really. The guys in the office were the first ones to put orders in after they’d seen mine, then word got round and ‘James Grice Medal Mounting’ was servicing Navy customers from Albatross, then Nowra generally (the clothing store was referring customers to me too) and the south coast of New South Wales, and then great support from RSL Tasmania when I moved back in 2006.


At this point, I had so many orders that I literally had to choose to shut it all down and get a real job or make it into something. And so Foxhole Medals was born. I initially operated from my mum and dad’s garage in Honeywood, then a custom-built garage at home with my first staff member; I then became the third medal mounter in Australia to open an eCommerce store in 2007 (behind two large-scale companies) then moved to the big smoke with two Hobart-CBD shopfronts and 6 staff, and I’m now working back at home with my team as online and phone sales dominate the retail market in 2020. My passion is still creating beautiful products and the new Tasmanian Prison Service medallions and our magnet-backed ribbon bars are my latest projects. 


I am so proud of what Foxhole Medals has become. We’re never going to be the cheapest - we can’t afford to be with the quality of our products and our staff - but we aim to be the finest medal mounters in Australia and we’d love the opportunity to look after you and your family.



Jimmy Grice

Director - Foxhole Medals"

PayPal, VISA, Mastercard, AMEX, Bank Transfer, Afterpay & ZipPay Payments Accepted

We sold the framing part of Foxhole Medals in August 2019 and no longer offer a framing service to our customers. Matt Hemming of Frame Hobart bought it and now operates out of our former premises at 164 Macquarie St, Hobart. His mobile is 0400 936 203.


We highly respect the work produced by Michael Sinnott of Shoalhaven Fine Art & Framing in Huskisson, New South Wales (Michael actually trained Jimmy) but understand if the location may be tricky if he is not local for you. If you find a framer whose work you're happy with, Jimmy (the director and former framer) would be more than happy to liaise with you/them if military framing wasn't their speciality but they would like advice.


We charge $65 for a 15 minute phone or Zoom framing consult.


Foxhole Refunds Policy

Once your return is received and inspected, we will send you an email to notify you that we have received your returned item. We will also notify you of the approval or rejection of your refund.


If you are approved, then your refund will be processed, and a credit will automatically be applied to your credit card or original method of payment, within a certain amount of days. Original shipping charges will be deducted from your refund, unless your items were lost in transit and not delivered to the nominated shipping address. If the order was lost in transit you are responsible for seeking a refund or compensation for the shipping portion of your order from the applicable carrier.

Foxhole Returns Policy

We offer a 30 day return policy. All goods should be in re-saleable condition.


Alternatively, goods may be exchanged within 30 days from the date of shipment.

To be eligible for a return, your item must be unused and in the same condition that you received it. It must also be in the original packaging.


To complete your return, we require a receipt or proof of purchase.


There are certain situations where only partial refunds are granted (if applicable):

  • Any item not in its original condition, is damaged or missing parts for reasons not due to our error
  • Any item that is returned more than 30 days after delivery


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