TEST Court Mount Existing Medal - Per Medal

If you've got original medals that need refurbishing, a tired set that needs a refresh, or you've got new awards to add to your existing set, send your medals into us for:

- a gentle ultrasonic clean

- new full length of Toye Kenning & Spencer ribbon

- new brooch bar or stud pin backing, and

- professional mounting in the correct order of wear.

To order, select the size of the medals you have, the quantity of medals you have in each size, and your preference for Brooch Bar or Stud Pin backing.

For example: if you have 3 existing full size medals that you would like remounted on a brooch bar then select Original / Marches & Ceremonies then Brooch Bar then 3 for Quantity. 

If you need to add new awards to your rack, select the number of existing medals you have in each size and add them to your cart, then proceed to add your new awards in the size/s you need to the cart (and select the court-mounting option).  The prices of our new replicas include the supply and mounting of each medal.  

Then complete the Postal Order Form and send in with your medals.

*The product photo shows an example of court mounting only, not the medals you will receive.