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Operational Service Badge - Defence


Before the establishment of the Australian Operational Service Medal (AOSM), those who received the Australian Active Service Medal were also issued with the Returned from Active Service Badge (RASB). Because the AOSM recognises all declared operational service, an Operational Service Badge (OSB) has been established to be issued on the first award of the AOSM. The OSB may also be issued to the next-of-kin of deceased members to complement the award of the OSM. The OSB has two versions - military and civilian, to be issued with the respective medal types.

How to:

Choose the right medal size

There are two sizes of medals to choose from: 

Small (known as Miniatures)

Large (know as Full Size)

Large or Full Size Medals are the size traditionally worn at ANZAC Day ceremonies. It is the size historical imperial medals (eg WW1, WW2, Korea, Vietnam, etc) were originally issued prior to the Australian Honours & Awards system being instituted in 1975. Since then, an original set has comprised a full size medal, miniature medal, and ribbon bar in a protective case.

Full Size Medals are also able to be engraved with the service person's service number, initials and surname as the originals would have been

Large/Full Size or Original Set

Large or Full Size Medals are the size traditionally worn at ANZAC Day ceremonies. Full Size Medals are also able to be engraved with the service person's service number, initials and surname as the originals would have been.

Small or Miniature Set

Small or Miniature Medals are traditionally worn only after 6pm when mess kit, formal / evening dress / dinner jacket attire is worn. by senior Sailors, Soldiers and Airmen / women or Officer ranks. There is also an increasing trend for replicas to be created in miniature sets for children to wear at ceremonies and marches.

Adding this award to your set

Simply add a mounting service to your purchase. Both styles still have a brooch bar on the back to enable them to be worn on clothing. If none of the above criteria are relevant to your order, you are free to go with personal preference.

Mount Style:

Court Mounted

Court-Mounted Medals have a backing board behind the medals to which each medal is sewn to minimise noise and movement. This does obscure 2/3 of the reverse of the medals.

Mount Style:

Swing Mounted

Swing Mounted Medals allow an unobstructed view of both the front and back of the medals, but do also leave them prone to impact damage. Serving Defence members are not permitted to wear their groups swing mounted.

What to keep in mind when choosing a mounting style

We can only swing-mount up to a maximum of 5 full-size medals.

A full size set of 6 (or more) medals will need to be court-mounted.
Miniature medal sets of any number can be mounted in either style.

Swing-mounted medals will make the 'tinky tink' noise as they move against each other.

This may trigger sensory sensitivities for some people, and can also make the medals more prone. todamage.

Engravings are easier to see on swing-mounted medals.

If you choose to have your replica medals engraved with the recipient's service number, initials, and surname, the engraving will be easier to see on swing-mounted medals, as you. can clearly see the front and back of the medal with this style.

Is a ribbon bar included with my purchase of full size medals?

Any medals likely to be worn by current-serving Defence members will need to be court-mounted in accordance with official dress standards (sewn down to a firm backing so they don't move).


Is it legal to buy replica medals?

Yes, it is legal to buy replica medals.Generally, only one set of original medals is ever issued by the Governor General or Dept of Defence Honours & Awards. Because of this, it is common practice for recipients to put the original away safely and wear replicas so that they can be replaced if they are lost. This practice is endorsed and encouraged by the Dept of Defence Honours & Awards.

I have an existing set of replicas but have just received a new award. Do I need a new set of replicas?

You absolutely do not need to buy a brand new set of replicas- in fact you'll save yourself some money if you send your existing full size and miniature medals into us together with any pieces of ribbon bars with rosettes we can recycle for you.

Can I have the full size replica medals engraved with my family member's details?

Absolutely!We have a state-of-the-art computer engraving machine that is perfect for engraving your full size replica medals. The addition of engraving creates a beautiful heirloom set with moving sentimentality (many of our engraving customers confess shedding tears) as well as a starting point for future generations for family research, or simply a medal set that can be easily be returned to you post-ANZAC Day shenanigans.

Is a ribbon bar included with my purchase of full size medals?

No, you will need to order your ribbon bar separately to your full size medals. We can arrange for each piece of your ribbon bar to be joined together at your request (or have plastic coating added if you work in Emergency Services).

How risky is sending medals in the post?

In 17 years of business, we have not lost one set of original medals that have been sent into us or sent out from us.We repeat: Not one set lost. Ever. [Touch wood.]
Read more about our shipping policies here.


Professional medal services

We offer premium mounting & engraving services to complete your medal set.


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