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Medal Cleaning & Restoration

Preserve your family history by keeping their memory present.
Check out our restoration services below to find which option is right for you. In most cases an ultrasonic clean will do the job, but if more processes are required we recommend the chemical clean or even a restoration.
If you're not sure, contact us - we'll be happy to guide you to the correct offer.

Gentle & effective

Our cleaning process brings medals back to life. Our safe and gentle cleaning processes are designed for the treatment of precious metals. The medal will remain looking good as long as it is stored correctly and gently wiped down between use.

How it works

Professional cleaning

If your medals are in a bit of a state, reach out to us for an estimate on returning them to their former glory. In most cases an ultrasonic clean will do the job, but if more care processes are required we recommend the chemical clean. Send us an enquiry and we will advise how to get a photo to us so we can review the best service for you.


Select the cleaning service appropriate for your medal state.


Send your medals to our headquarters for cleaning.


We get to work and restore your medals back to their glory.


Your restored medal set is returned to you.

Specialised Cleaning Services

Ultrasonic Clean

Gentle restoration without the use of chemicals. The safest way to preserve your family history. Ultrasonic cleaning is complimentary with our medal mounting services.

Chemical Clean

Ideal for medals that need an extra layer of restorative care. Chemical cleaning is the next step beyond Ultrasonic cleaning and is only suitable for some medals.


This service restores medals that need intensive intervention - like rust removal, fire damage repair etc. Please contact us for a quote for restorative care.

Restoration Services


Restoration will look different for each medal - from simple rust removal and ribbon replacements, through to restoring pieces that have been damaged by fire and age. As each restoration project will be different, please contact us for a custom quote.

Beautifully restored medals, beautifully presented!

Jenny L.
Verified Client


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