Clasps - King's South Africa Medal

A clasp with the name of the theatre or action for which the award is made is presented with the medal.

Two clasps were awarded:

  • "SOUTH AFRICA 1901" - For service in South Africa between 1 January 1901 and 31 December 1901.
  • "SOUTH AFRICA 1902" - For service in South Africa between 1 January 1902 and 31 May 1902.

While the qualifying criteria meant that most King's South Africa Medals were awarded with both clasps, there were exceptions. Those who served in South Africa but left in 1900, for example due to wounds, and who returned in 1902 would receive the medal with the 1902 clasp only, providing they had completed a total of eighteen months service. Nursing sisters qualified for the medal, but not the clasps, being the only recipients to receive the medal without a clasp.

Our large (or 'Original / Marches & Ceremonies') size clasps are made from solid silver and hand soldered together from two seperate pieces. They are made in the exact same method as the original items and can be stacked and riveted together as per the original items.

The miniature items are a generally slip-on type and are a cast reproduction that has been nickel plated in most cases.