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Wearing your medals on ANZAC Day

Posted by James Grice on

We posted this content on our Facebook page on ANZAC Eve, to help people be prepared, and ensure they wear their replica or original medals correctly:

On the eve of ANZAC Day we at Foxhole would like to take the opportunity to provide some clear guidance on the wearing of replica medals:

1. If you have earned the medals then you wear them on the Left side of the chest, this applies to all medals authorized for wear by the Governor Generals Office. All state and federal awards are worn on the right side of the chest (not to be confused with commemorative and unofficial awards) state and federal awards are official awards and may contain various bravery and meritorious service awards.

2. If you are wearing replica medals (or original ones) to honor an ancestor, they are to be worn on the right side of the chest. If you are wearing multiple sets place them one above the other. Try not to wear every set, and instead rotate them to wear on different occasions, or let other family members wear them to remember.

3. Unofficial or Commemorative medals should always be worn on the right side of the chest, below any official awards.

4. Service badges, and qualification badges (ICB's, Dolphins, wings etc.) should not be worn at all, if they do not belong (earned by) to you.

5. Probably the most important point of all - if you have not officially been awarded a medal, you should never wear one and portray it as your own. No matter how "eligible" you think you are, if you've not been officially awarded it, you are not only breaking the law, but disrespecting every service person both civil and defence, by doing so.

In closing, we hope that ANZAC Day is everything you need it to be, and that we have helped educate you on the responsible wearing of medals on this very sacred day.

Lest we forget.

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