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Rick's Dad

Rick's Dad

We are often asked to identify medals from photographs, which usually arrive via email, but Rick didn’t have email, so he took a 3 hour bus trip with this photo of his dad to ‘drop’ into the store to show us, and ask which medals he would have received for his WW1 efforts, before heading back out of town on another 3 hour bus trip!

Rick’s dad was born in Scotland in 1901, joining up to fight in The Great War in 1915, although we would suggest that his father possibly had three medals for his participation the ribbon bar in this WW2 photo looks like only the 2 medals - British War and Victory were issued.

After the war his dad came to Australia to have a family (Rick's) before heading back to serve in the Second World War. He received another 5 medals, this time for his service under the 2nd Australian Imperial Force.

Rick's dad returned home to his family but as a broken man and in 1949 moved to Tasmania where he spent much of his time in mental health care as a result of his experiences.

Rick was amazing to speak to. He had also been in the forces and had his own story but he was really focused on his father and you could see that was the more important story to him.

Thanks Rick, for dropping by and sharing.

If this story has ignited a need to tell your story, or an ancestor's, get in touch with us, we'd love to hear it. Contact:


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