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Distinguished Service Cross 1914 (DSC)

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Instituted in 1914, originally for naval officers below the rank of Lieutenant Commander for 'valuable services in action that did not meet the requirements for the award of the Distinguished Service Order'. Recipients may use the post-nominal initials DSC after their name. In 1930 the Cross was extended to Lieutenant Commanders and Commanders and in 1931 to officers of the Merchant Navy. During World War II it was made available to officers and warrant officers of the Army who were serving afloat. In 1993 it was extended to all ranks when the Distinguished Service Medal was discontinued. The ribbon has three equal stripes of dark blue, white and dark blue. The last award of the DSC was made to an Australian in 1972. To that point, 182 awards had been made with 13 first Bars and three second Bars. Not to be confused with the Distinguished Service Cross established in the Australian honours system in 1991. Though sharing post-nominals the two awards have quite different criteria.

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