FRNSW Long Service and Good Conduct Medal - Full Size

  • There are generally four things to take into account when deciding the best mounting style for your medals:

    • We can only swing-mount up to a maximum of 5 full-size medals so a full-size set of 6 more medals will need to be court-mounted. Miniature medal sets of any number can be mounted in either style.

    • Swing-mounted medals will make the ‘tinky tink’ noise as they move against each other which can cause sensory issues for some people, and can also make the medals more prone to damage.

    • If you choose to have your replica medals engraved with the recipient's service number, initials, and surname, the engraving will be easier to see on swing-mounted medals as you can clearly see the front and back of the medals with this style.

    • Any medals likely to be worn by current-serving Defence members will need to be court-mounted in accordance with official dress standards (sewn down to a firm backing so they don't move).

    Both styles still have a brooch bar on the back to enable them to be worn on clothing. If none of the above criteria are relevant to your order, you are free to go with personal preference.